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February 01, 2003

// byron bay, the trip..

 day 1: qantas club  day 1: time for our flight  day 1: top of sydney  day 1: the boyz  day 1: rockstar  day 1: boxing day sales  day 1: the saville  day 1: view from our hotel  day 1: christmas tree  day 1: banana big m with baileys  day 1: mirror reflection  day 2: pool reflection   day 2: the spa  day 2: fitness first blondie  day 2: top floor of the saville  day 2: the establishment  day 2: lemon, lime & biiters  day 2: the opera house  day 2: the opera house  day 2: manley wharf  day 2: legs on the ferry  day 2: sydney habour bridge  day 2: the city  day 2: our rex plane  day 3: byron bay  day 3: drinks @ the beach hotel  day 3: chillen  day 3: sunbaking  day 3: the beach  day 3: sun castle 01  day 3: beach babe 01  day 4: the beach  day 4: early morning shadow  day 4: the pad  day 4: it's all fancy like  day 4: sunscreen - very important  day 4: may all beings be at peace  day 4: the sky  day 4: vainch-er  day 4: beach babe 02  day 4: sand castle 02  day 4: tony and vainch  day 4: the beach hotel  day 4: the bar  day 4: the humble pie co  day 5: surfers  day 5: surfers  day 5: beach babe 03  day 5: do i make you horny?   day 5: mount warning in the distance  day 5: more surfers   day 5: great view  day 5: even more surfers  day 5: the most eartern point  day 5: the sign that says it  day 5: lighthouse  day 5: built in 1901  day 5: at beach, again  day 5: the bunkhouse  day 5: new years eve  day 5: boabs-er  day 5: what's that?  day 5: the girls making a salad  day 5: marni and gary  day 5: the girls  day 5: feldz and boabs  day 5: big ben  day 5: dave on camera  day 5: gary, boabs and topless tony  day 5: the girls and tony  day 5: tony's burnt feet  day 5: cath tony and sherri  day 5: salt and pepper  day 5: have you seen them?  day 5: the main street is full of people  day 5: beast  day 5: blonde angels  day 5: rides  day 5: gary and tony, first in the..  day 5: ..railway  day 5: gary and girls  day 5: plenty of people  day 5: plenty of girls  day 5: the boyz and girl  day 5: more girls  day 5: feldz and kent's cousin (no joke!)  day 5: girls  day 5: even more girls  day 5: the boyz  day 5: feldz and gary  day 5: perce rides  day 5: tony and a girl  day 5: ben and a girl  day 5: tony and another girl  day 5: feldz, tony and boabs  day 5: marni and boabs-er  day 5: where we've been  day 5: almost midnight  day 5: tunnel ram  day 5: happy new year!  day 5: the brothers  day 5: sherri  day 5: fireworks  day 5: fireworks  day 5: little benny on the phone  day 5: the gang  day 5: fireworks  day 5: firworks  day 5: marni showing us her panties  day 5: marni showing us her panties   day 5: marni showing us her panties  day 5: sherri with marni's pants in mouth  day 5: is she enjoying it?  day 5: a bloody start to 2003  day 5: at the street dance party  day 5: boabs-er's back  day 5: the gang  day 5: tony and sherri  day 6: the next morning, at the beach  day 6: the byron bay bunkhouse  day 6: the boyz sunbaking  day 6: the boyz sunbaking  day 6: the boyz sunbaking  day 6: the bunkhouse @ night  day 7: spider  day 7: the 2 italian girls  day 7: they cooked us a meal  day 7: pasta  day 7: smile  day 7: say cheese  day 7: feldz and boabs  day 7: need help in the kitchen?  day 7: bloody toe  day 7: legs  day 7: ah!  day 7: desert  day 7: marni sparkles  day 7: sherri  day 7: the girls  day 7: sherri and tony  day 8: feldz applying sunscreen  day 8: tony  day 8: the 2 italian girls  day 8: feldz and tony  day 8: fisherman doob  day 8: vainch and perce  day 8: gary and ben  day 8: i can't remember their names!  day 8: ben and alex  day 8: benny, boabs and feldz  day 8: ryan and dave  day 8: the beach hotel  day 8: posing  day 8: alex looking happy  day 8: blondie and the boyz  day 8: ryan looking happy  day 8: feldz and benny  day 8: feldz and gary  day 8: more sherri  day 9: too much pasta  day 10: boabs-er  day 10: feldz  day 10: our plane back to sydney  day 10: view from the window  day 10: sydney habour  day 10: more of sydney  day 10: tony and vainch  day 10: feldz having his last smoke?  day 10: waiting for plane to melbourne

04:22 AM


nice camera work tony

posted by: Byron Bay @ February 3, 2003 12:02 PM

thanks :) i think buying that extra 128MB compactFlash card came in handy for New Years Eve

posted by: tony @ February 4, 2003 11:55 AM

hehehe....nice investment

posted by: Byron Bay @ February 5, 2003 02:56 PM

youre a sneaky photographer!

posted by: helen @ February 5, 2003 03:23 PM are a slime.whats your girlfriend think of your sleazy camera work?

posted by: kitty @ February 6, 2003 10:43 PM

she was the first to see the photos.. don't be shy now kitty, what's your real name??

posted by: tony @ February 6, 2003 10:52 PM

No appreciation for quality. There's just as many semi-naked guys on camera, so no one should be complaining. Great work babe!

posted by: Kazz @ February 7, 2003 10:11 AM

TOP SHELF : Tasteful yet daring .. very high quality pictures with a classy element of photographic diary work also in the mix. Your eye for farming, excellent use of colours and capture of mood is simply outstanding. It seems there is someone out there though TONY who seeks to cry foul - when trying to interpret your most smooth + impressive work to date.

A guide for ms Kitty : as her frontal lobes aren’t fully developed yet (English and thoughts demonstrate the insight and maturity of a 15 yr old) ; the difference between sleazy shots and high brow, tasteful output is the same as the difference between a copy of RALPH and a copy of PICTURE MAGIZINE. Remember TONY it takes a very narrow minded, uninformed person with absolutely no idea or appreciation for what your accomplishing here to make such a unsubstantiated and ridiculous statement.

posted by: Cheech-san-fu @ February 7, 2003 02:52 PM

First, Apologies TONY ; I don’t wish to make your site the whipping board for such an uneducated and unquestionably stupid person. Although something really needs to be said. Kitty is an obvious cover for an hideously overweight teenager – who by way of not exercising the maturity needed to just walk away – showed us all the following things

A) She’s a nasty envious Bridge Troll who’s never seen a shaven pair of legs before or a BRA that doesn’t have a max carrying capacity of 100KG
B) She has no idea who your site caters for – which is not for NUNS from the Vatican through way of shitty mouse control – end up at various unknown URLs.
C) She needs to feel the weight of her opinion actually counts for something (and a heavy one it must be) ; by forcing her petty – ‘FAT UNSIGHTLY CHIX’ views onto the many visitors your site has retained and who take the time to praise you for your top ranking website – which is obviously a labour of love.

Never be swayed by these people TONY - fortunately they are fewer than those of us who don’t wear underpants that could black out the sun. Remember your many return supporters with fully developed frontal lobes – who simply “love your work !”.

PS : This is not the Jerry Springer show : so please, NO Reponses Ms Kitty. It’s the HAND for you.

posted by: Cheech-san-Fu @ February 7, 2003 02:55 PM

Hey? Wheres the Chick Pics?

posted by: Brian @ February 8, 2003 03:46 PM

i was looking at your picture and i have seen this girl with this t shirt with write on "have you seen salt and pepper". i was in Byron Bay with a italian friend of mine,i am italian to anyway,last year in january and we were called salt and pepper as nickname. do you know this girl? are they friend of u? becouse is incredible for me. i dont know them that the thing......anyway if some one have some information will be nice get in contact.........
Anyway sorry 4 my spelling mistake

posted by: thomas @ January 22, 2004 04:08 AM


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