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September 15, 2003

// 99 shots from sandown..

 guest pass  russell ingall  peter brock  looking at you, looking at me  fpr falcon  djr falcon  grand stand  grand view  grand stand blondie  bathurst winner, 1990  304 cubic inches  my reflection  massive wheels  bathurst winner, 1977  rod evans' consul-cortina gt  historic torana  charger engine change  up, up  and out  hey charger  yellow ochre XY   351 cleveland  rick rogers  geninue JG33  66 mustang  another XY  boss mustang  67 mustang  another boss  67 mustang  green tilley XY  green tilley XY  cockpit  the boss  65 mustang  lotus cortina  lotus engine  van diemen rf92 forumla ford  ready to race  bmw 2002  cortina GT  hey charger  mustang + torana  yellow XY  mustang  historic touring cars  cortina for sale  ford credit falcon  fpv falcon  cat racing falcon  blue flash  05 group c VK  last of the big bangers  brock + perkins  tim macrow  formula ford rear  burn-out action  tyre smoke  vb challenge falcon  more tyre smoke  gt mustang fastback  fast ford performance  candy apple red  jnr johnson  ford  flag  carrera cup porsche  jim richards, jonathon webb + peter fitzgerald  plenty of XC cobra's  only 400 made  all falcon coupes  option 97  351 cleveland  cobra 5.8  front stripes  cobra  rear stripes  cobra on the move  ready for a lap  victory lap, 25 years on..  falcon cobra  another..  ..and another  genuine bathurst cobra  4.9 cobra  5.8 cobra  they were everywhere  nice terana  ..until daddy took the t-bird away  289 windsor  win this 66 mustang  mmm, mustang  phantom BA GT  venom BA GT  GT-P + GT  roaring forties GT40  the trumpet(s)!  GT40 rear  GT40 wheel  GT40 front

03:15 PM


i would really love to own a COBRA

posted by: helen @ September 16, 2003 01:21 PM

Well done again Tony, great shots of the weekend. Look forward to seeing shots from the upcoming Winton event

posted by: robbo @ September 18, 2003 02:24 PM

and i'm looking forward to taking more shots at winton. go team GT :)

posted by: tony @ September 19, 2003 09:59 AM

hey buddy,
have ya got any pics of my old man (wayne purdon yellow xy gt in historic touring cars? if so would ya be able to send them

posted by: beau purdon @ June 15, 2004 07:49 PM

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