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March 05, 2004

// melbourne motorshow..

 saab convertible  saab convertible  porsche supercar  porsche supercar  lotus elise + babe  ford territory  fpv's turbo 6  f6 typhoon  f6 typhoon  alfa 147  alfa 147  alfa 147  alfa 147  xy gtho phase 3  xy gtho phase 3  xy gtho phase 3  xy gtho phase 3  xy gtho phase 3  mx-5 se turbo   mx-5 se turbo  jaguar xkr

..the highlight for me was seeing a genuine 'phase 3' amongst all that plastic fantastic

12:03 AM


I was there Tuesday night. My thrill was the new MX-5 SE turbo. Mama-mia, where was that when I had my MX-5.

I was also very impressed with the new Subaru Liberty. Chelle's looking for a new company car so it may be a close call between Mazda6 or Liberty.

posted by: [jc] @ March 5, 2004 12:33 AM

i think they've gone too "fast and furious" with the MX-5 SE. there's no need for a body-kit with those classic MX lines and the interior is a little too loud with the silver highlights. i did like the speakers behind the seats on the wind deflector and the 6 in-dash CD player which mine didn't have. but all these little extra's is moving away from the original MX-5 concept of a lightweight, no fuss, open-top sports car. the turbo is a nice thing though but it's not as powerful as the australian built SP version of a couple years ago..

my crystal blue colour is no longer available, damn why did i sell that car?!

posted by: tony @ March 5, 2004 09:03 AM

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